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July Movie Matinees

The Main Library screens your favorite films on Wednesdays at 2PM in the Community Meeting Room.
Generously sponsored by the Friends of the Thomas Crane Public Library.

This Month’s Screenings:

July 3 | Eddie the Eagle
Biopic of Michael “Eddie the Eagle” Edwards, whose participation in the 1988 Winter Olympics marked the first time a Brit had ever competed at ski jumping. Edwards trains for the sport with a former champ, and later finds fame as a lovable loser who’s just trying his best.
Rated: PG-13. Runtime: 1h 45min

July 10 | Chariots of Fire
Two runners compete in the 1924 Paris Olympics: both British, both from very different backgrounds. This Best Picture winner is based on actual events.
Rated: PG, Runtime: 2h 5min

July 17 | Richard Jewell
Directed by Clint Eastwood and based on true events, “Richard Jewell” is a story of what happens when what is reported as fact obscures the truth. “There is a bomb in Centennial Park. You have thirty minutes.” The world is first introduced to Richard Jewell as the security guard who reports finding the device at the 1996 Atlanta bombing—his report making him a hero whose swift actions save countless lives. But within days, the law enforcement wannabe becomes the FBI’s number one suspect, vilified by press and public alike, his life ripped apart. Reaching out to independent, anti-establishment attorney Watson Bryant, Jewell staunchly professes his innocence. But Bryant finds he is out of his depth as he fights the combined powers of the FBI, GBI and APD to clear his client’s name, while keeping Richard from trusting the very people trying to destroy him
Rated: R, Runtime: 2h 10min

July 24 | Race
Legendary black Olympian Jesse Owens competes in track and field at the 1936 Games in Nazi Germany, despite the host country’s attempts to turn the event into a celebration of national pride and Aryan supremacy.
Rated: PG-13, Runtime: 2h 14min

July 31 | Personal Best
Two female track athletes find themselves moving from rivals to lovers as they train for the 1980 Olympics. However, their romance encounter barriers, from one runner’s preconceived ideas of her own sexuality to their coach’s archaic mindset.
Rated: R, Runtime: 2h 4min


Jul 03 2024


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Thomas Crane Public Library


Thomas Crane Public Library
40 Washington Street, Quincy, MA 02169
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