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Musicians of the Tenshō Embassy

Discover the Amazing Story of the 1582 Tenshō Embassy!
Lyracle Presents Musicians of the Tenshō Embassy 

In 1582, four Japanese teenage ambassadors set sail from Nagasaki to Lisbon on what would be an 8-year adventure. Discover their amazing story and celebrate their musical accomplishments in Japan and abroad at a performance of Lyracle’s new program, Musicians of the Tenshō Embassy. Hear it in Greater Boston first before Lyracle takes this program on the road! Learn more about the performances on our events page and more about the Tenshō Embassy in our program notes.

Ashley Mulcahy, mezzo-soprano
James Perretta, viol
Danielle Boivin, actor
Jacob Jahiel, viol
Arnie Tanimoto, viol 


Mar 24 2024


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
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