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Quincy’s Centennials: Past, Present, & Future

On Thursday, June 27th, at 6:30 pm, at the Adams Academy, Quincy Historical Society will hold its 2024 Annual Meeting. On the eve of Quincy’s 400th anniversary, executive director Ed Fitzgerald, and curator Alexandra Elliott will look at the long and varied history of Quincy centennial celebrations and preview the Historical Society’s plans for the Quincy400 celebrations and the concurrent 250th anniversary of the American Revolution.
The Quincy community commemorating its anniversaries dates back to the mid-1700s, when it was begun by Reverend John Hancock. Over the centuries it has included Puritan sermons, assorted fireworks, and modern-day city councilors donning colonial garb. The program will discuss all of these and pay particular attention to the spectacular 1925 Tercentennial that has bequeathed us the name Pageant Field and City Hall’s Granite Ball. Fitzgerald and Elliott will then turn to the the Society’s projects for the Quincy 400 celebration and for the 250th of the Revolution. The program will include a screening of an episode of the award-winning A Revolutionary Minute series, produced by the Historical Society and QATV.
This event is open to all and free to attend.
At the Historical Society’s Annual Meeting officers and board members will be elected for the coming year.


Jun 27 2024


6:30 pm


Quincy Historical Society & Museum
8 Adams Street, Quincy, Massachusetts
Adams Academy Building

Location 2

Adams Academy Building
8 Adams Street, Quincy, Massachusetts
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